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Rotten mobile companies in Sierra Leone...Why is NATCOM allowing this?

  • Written by  Abdul Fonti
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It is an open secret that the operations of the mobile companies in Sierra Leone are nothing to write home about. A fitting adjective to describe the telecommunications companies in the country is to call them ‘Rotten Mobile Companies’.

When it comes to rotten operations in the telecommunications sector, there is no exception, as Airtel, Africell, Comium and Sierratel are all guilty as charged, or you can say they are birds of the same feather.Lately, phone subscribers in Sierra Leone are finding it totally impossible

to effectively communicate using the aforementioned networks.


And as if there is nobody to accordingly regulate the mobile companies, the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) is more of a toothless bulldog. NATCOM is turning a blind eye to the poor operations of the mobile companies it is supposed to be regulating. No wonder NATCOM is being widely accused of conniving with the mobile phone companies to exploit the subscribers.

Among the communication challenges phone subscribers in Sierra Leone are faced with include dropped calls, crossed calls, poor network, poor reception, no network, busy networks, network interference and no value for money among others.

Over the weekend, for instance, one of the mobile companies called Comium observed what was dubbed: ‘No Network Day’. Comium subscribers were unable to communicate throughout Sunday. It was only on the night of Sunday that the company decided to inform subscribers via text message that they were doing some ‘funny’ upgrades. Of course that is just one of the silliest excuses that will come from a mobile company.

And Comium is not alone in such gibberish; Airtel, Africell and Sierratel are all guilty of the same mess. And of course, NATCOM that is supposed to be the regulatory body is giving them safe havens.The least talked about the internet services being provided by these companies, the better.

If things continue as they are, subscribers will continue to suffer, while the mobile companies continue to have field days extorting unsuspecting subscribers.


Abdul Fonti is the new Global Managing Editor New People Online. Mr. Fonti, is a graduate of the London School of Journalism (LSJ) and was Editor for the Awareness Times Newspaper for four years (2007 – 2011). He served as Managing Editor of the Ariogbo Newspaper for one year, and until his new appointment, he was Editor for the Africa Young Voices (AYV) Newspaper.

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